Social Media Management

Ample offers

a smart alternative to hiring

an in-house social media manager.

We have a dedicated team of real people

with your aspirations at heart.


Ample can tailor a social media management solution for your business that will:

  • Build awareness of your brand
  • Drive traffic to your website or blog
  • Drive lead generation
  • Increase overall sales
  • Grow business partnerships
  • Cement customer loyalty

Social media presence:

Ample Media will assist with the initial setup of your social media marketing platform and we will support you with the optimization and administration of your profile(s) and page(s) so that brands and consumers can communicate in an open, honest and personal arena in order to strengthen your online presence and to ultimately drive traffic to your website.

Publication of exclusive content that will drive attention to the page:

Ample Media will develop a content strategy that is supporting your marketing strategy objectives and which is in accordance with your events-/promotional calendar. We’ll create original posts that fit perfectly with your business and its audience, and has the right mix of being informative with a pinch of promotional thrown in. Contributions are accurate, relevant & genuinely held.

Promotions, discounts & competitions: 

Communicate events to your target audience in accordance with the platform’s promotional guidelines, rules and regulations.

Reports & insights:

Monthly progress- and insights report to better understand and analyse trends, consumption of content and growth.

Reputation Management:

Strategy to efficiently and effectively address negative feedback from consumer complaint forums and leverage it as an opportunity to showcase customer excellence.

Effective use of your current client database: 

Sending out invitations to your subscribers, letting them know about your page and encouraging them to join.

Facebook Ads campaign management:

Reach highly targeted segments of people based on demographic criteria.

Custom cover photo:

Enhance your brand with a custom Facebook cover photo and convey a positive first impression. Additional services include Twitter management & Instagram management.

Seek & enter conversations on other social media platforms:

Ample Media will periodically monitor other social networks to engage with people on relevant topics in terms of your brand/business.